A Solo Hike for the Soul

I’m a city girl at heart. Born and raised in San Francisco, I made the decision to move to New York City for college and ended up staying for nearly ten years! I recently moved back to my hometown and have never appreciated this city more. I love the fact that I have access to […]

Ultra-Endurance Bikepack Racing

Teaching an Old Dog              Cycling found me later in life. After being inspired by my Dad, I bought my first road bike 6 years ago at the age of 37. I was hooked, constantly looking for ways to improve and always after the next big bike race or cycling […]

Mulberry Gap and the Outdoors Adventure Experience

Into the Woods What is the perfect weekend getaway?  A road trip with good friends? Epic mountain biking? Unplugging and connecting with nature against a stunning backdrop of fall colors? Delicious food?  Yes. That. All of it. With that as our goal, we left behind the hustle and bustle of greater Nashville for the picturesque mountains surrounding […]

Climbing Clingmans Dome: An Adventure Steeped in History

The Real Rocky Top            I pulled myself up on a rock the size of a mini Cooper in the middle of a frothing Forney Creek. As I started to walk across it, I lost my balance on the wet and slick surface. All four limbs went in different directions. I threw […]

Dog Mushing in Alaska

Getting Motivated              I almost didn’t leave my bed and breakfast the morning I had an appointment to go to dog mushing school. The temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska hovered around negative twenty on that March morning, and the wind howled on the other side of the thickly insulated door. I did not […]

Chasing Gold in Colorado’s Backcountry

A trip to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is always enjoyable, but there’s something about trekking through alpine meadows at the end of the season that make it especially memorable. The throngs of summer tourists depart as summer turns to autumn. So if it’s solitude you seek, you’re more likely to find lonely trails and empty vistas […]

Sierra Nevada Moto Camping

I’m not sure what possessed me, but when I heard about the Sierra Stake Out motorcycle camping event in Emigrant Gap, CA, I decided that I was going to go, I was going to do it alone, and I was going to make it into an epic California road trip.   A Little Background I’m [...]

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